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The Catch of the Day

This is a project which, through works of art created though the assemblage

of found waste, wishes to awaken dulled sensory faculties by stimulating observation

and attention to the world outside, as it is.

It does so by combining discourse from two different but related fields, art and psychiatry,

different in their scope but actually related in their approach and connection to otherness.

They also may share a power, which is not always harmless, to shape and influence

world views.

The idea behind the project is embedded in the need - that for many has become clinical

– to move from what K. Schippers has called “alert inattentiveness” to the capacity

to see and be. This is an explicit desire to alert and awaken from a distracting virtual reality.

The latter leads to progressive inattention to our-selves and to the selves of our neighbors.

Let alone our global surroundings.

Ponts on the Amstel.JPG

Photo by Agricubismo®








Silence and the Lambs

A project about noise and its chronic and unnoticed ill effects on health and happiness. But


also a project about silence and its role in learning and attending. 

DSC_0060 (3).JPG

Photo by Agricubismo®

Contemplating the vicissitudes of life.J



Misbehavior and Finance

The older investor as victim

A project aiming at the development of user


friendly tools to protect the older yet still


healthy investor.

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